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McGrath / Gardner


Architectural Drawing Today

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2007. Buch. 272 S. Hardcover

Wiley. ISBN 978-0-470-02669-4

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This book provides a simple but comprehensive framework for architectural drawing using the computer.

Cinemetics is an exciting demonstration of a cinematically-inspired, cybernetically-based, architectural drawing system, which embeds architecture in relationships within the world at large. It is the first guidebook for architectural drawing with the computer based on an understanding of how digital drawing fundamentally differs from drawing with mechanical pencils on drafting boards. This book opens up new ways of seeing architecture as framing flowing matter, enabling a philosophy of 'newness'. Operationally, computers, based on cybernetic circuits, are radically transforming not only architectural drawing procedures but also the human sensory-motor schema. Thinking in circuits is replacing perspectival picturing with its illusion of self-sufficiency, making past assumptions about buildings as self-contained objects obsolete. The authors - fifteen-year collaborators in teaching architectural students - link illustrations and text to research in media studies, biology, ecology and philosophy.

Cinemetrics assumes that digital technologies are the everyday experience of today's media-saturated public. It takes you through a process of losing perspectival picture-making and generating space through cybernetic duration. Architectural drawing is reconceived as a multidimensional information system rather than static image-making. Aimed at students, teachers and professionals, this book provides a simple and accessible framework for learning how to position architecture within current life-supporting initiatives.

This is not a software book, but applied theory based in sensori-motor experience. Technical advice in architectural drawing, 3D modelling, animation and digital editing is offered. Pointers are provided for the accumulation of skills in architectural drawings. Presented are drawings that move literally and figuratively. Cinemetrics is a book that challenges readers intellectually and physically, as it requires you to turn the page and reorientate the reading of the book around the illustrations. Here drawings speak more eloquently than words about the projective experience of architecture.


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