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Historie, Beliefs and Values

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Bautz, Traugott. ISBN 978-3-95948-761-0

Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: libri nigri


The books Histories, Beliefs, and Values, and its companion volume in the same distinguished series, Solicitations: Poverties, Discourses, and Limits, appear in especially challenging times. For Europe, many informed persons keep saying, is once again in crisis. But exactly what the crisis is few seem able to say. When the exact nature of the "crisis" cannot be stated clearly, the "crisis" is certainly critical. On the one hand, so many geo political, economic, political, social, and cultural problems appear to be proliferating endlessly. Yet at the same time so many thoughtful persons continue to narrow their perspectives to almost single issue concerns. Good examples of both overly broad and overly narrow approaches include ongoing discussions at many levels concerning global economic collapse in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, accelerating climate change, worsening migration issues, and even increasingly widespread fears of coming tactical if not strategic nuclear warfare. Moreover, working seriously in sustained ways to find reasonable and efficient middle ground approaches between multifarious and mono causal reflections on current European crises often simply falls between the two poles instead of actually bridging them fruitfully. The main effort here is certainly not a matter of bridging. Rather the attempt is to inquire more particularly into some of the major philosophical and cultural grounds underlying so much general and specialized talk today of Europe's new crises. Accordingly, several basic headings stand out. Just three are selected here - alternative early modern histories of European post modern cultures today, contrasting readings of just how knowledge and belief are to be understood fundamentally, and rationally competitive visions of basic human values.

The author:
Peter McCormick is Fürst Franz Josef and Fürstin Gina Emeritus Professor of Ethics at the International Academy of Philosophy in Liechtenstein. He is former Professor of Philosophy at the University of Ottawa, and is a member of the Institut international de philosophie (Paris) and a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Canada. In the libri nigri he published the books Blindly Seeing. Essays in Ethics: Discourses, Sayings, Sufferings and In Times Like These. Essays in Ethics: Situations, Resources, Issues.

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