Erschienen: 31.03.2015 Abbildung von Matthew Monahan. Square Garden | 2015 | UCCA

Matthew Monahan. Square Garden


lieferbar, ca. 10 Tage

2015. Buch. 256 S. Softcover

König, Walther. ISBN 978-3-86335-622-4

Format (B x L): 17.4 x 23.1 cm

Gewicht: 565 g

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For Square Garden, Matthew Monahan reproduces a series of thirty six-foot drawings which seem to continuously resurface, as if the reader is navigating through an unfurling labyrinth where images rise and fall like the monuments of fictional empire. Made from carbon paper folded into rice paper to create a series of overlapping Rorschachs, the simple drawings of figures, building materials and decorative motifs come to resemble architectural plans, disaster diagrams, exercise manuals and war games. A kaleidoscope-esque experience, Square Garden was inspired by the artist's experience in 2002-2003 of the Chinese urban landscape.


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