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Exploring Probability in School

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Springer-Verlag GmbH. ISBN 978-0-387-24530-0

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Exploring Probability in School provides a new perspective into research on the teaching and learning of probability. It creates this perspective by recognizing and analysing the special challenges faced by teachers and learners in contemporary classrooms where probability has recently become a mainstream part of the curriculum from early childhood through high school. The authors of the book discuss the nature of probability, look at the meaning of probabilistic literacy, and examine student access to powerful ideas in probability during the elementary, middle, and high school years. Moreover, they assemble and analyse research-based pedagogical knowledge for teachers that can enhance the learning of probability throughout these school years. With the book's rich application of probability research to classroom practice, it will not only be essential reading for researchers and graduate students involved in probability education; it will also capture the interest of educational policy makers, curriculum personnel, teacher educators, and teachers. TOC:Section I. Perspectives on Probability and Probability Education: The Nature of Chance and Probability. Towards "Probability Literacy" for All Citizens: Building Blocks and Instructional Dilemmas. An Overview of Research into the Teaching and Learning of Probability.- Section II. Teaching and Learning Probability in the Elementary School: Characteristics of Elementary School Students' Probabilistic Thinking. Combinatorics and the Development of Children's Combinatorial Reasoning.- Section III. Teaching and Learning Probability in the Middle School: The Probabilistic Reasoning of Middle School Students. How Do Teachers Foster Students' Understanding of Probability? Dealing with Compound Events. How Can Teachers Build Notions of Conditional Probability and Independence?- Sction IV. Teaching and Learning Probability in the High School: What is the Nature of High School Students' Conceptions and Misconceptions about Probability? Probability and Statistical Inference: How Can Teachers Enable Learners to Make the Connection?- Section 5: Teachers and Probability: Teaching and Learning the Mathematization of Uncertainty: Historical, Cultural, Social and Political Contexts. Assessing Probabilistic Thinking and Reasoning. Probability in Teacher Education and Development.


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