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Wiley. ISBN 978-1-119-94038-8

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Demonstrates the power of the theoretical framework of analytical sociology in explaining a large array of social phenomena Analytical Sociology: * Provides the most complete and up-to-date theoretical treatment of analytical sociology. * Looks at a wide range of complex social phenomena within a single and unitary theoretical framework. * Explores a variety of advanced methods to build and test theoretical models. * Examines how both computational modelling and experiments can be used to study the complex relation between norms, networks and social actions. * Brings together research from leading global experts in the field in order to present a unique set of examples on mechanism-based sociology. Advanced graduate students and researchers working in sociology, methodology of social sciences, statistics, social networks analysis and computer simulation will benefit from this book. "Analytical Sociology - with its focus on mechanisms, multi-level models, and the integration of theory and research practice - has been the most promising and productive development in social theory of the past several decades. Beginning with the editor's masterfully clear and thorough explication of the approach, the volume's contributions at once exemplify analytical sociology's central tenets and illustrate the wide range of theories of action, levels of analysis, and substantive problems to which the approach is germane. Analytical Sociology will be an indispensable addition to social theory syllabi and working sociologists." bookshelves. --Paul DiMaggio, Princeton University "Analytical sociology represents a new and promising approach in today's sociology, and I can think of no better introduction to what it is trying to accomplish than this volume. The reader will enjoy the individual chapters both for their sharpness and for the careful way in which they have been crafted." --Richard Swedberg, Cornell University


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