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Navigating into the Unknown

A new way for management, governance and leadership

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152 S.

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Campus. ISBN 978-3-593-50582-4

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In a few years, almost everything will be different: what we do, how we do it, and why we do it; how we produce and consume, how we conduct research, how we teach and learn, how we share information, communicate and cooperate, how we work-and how we live. How do we deal with this in business, politics and society?
Great changes open up great possibilities, pushing aside the old and creating the new. Management, as Fredmund Malik understands it, is the task of taking advantage of these possibilities. This book is a call to clear-sightedness and personal courage. It is a chart for navigating the Great Transformation21, it is a chart for navigating with an open horizon.

"Fredmund Malik has become the leading analyst of, and expert on, Management in Europe. and a powerful force in shaping it as a consultant. He is a commanding figure - in theory as well as in the practice of Management." Peter F. Drucker

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