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Magnenat-Thalmann / Thalmann

Computer Animation ’91

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viii, 255 S. 139 s/w-Abbildungen, 97 Farbabbildungen, Bibliographien.

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Springer. ISBN 9784431668923

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This book contains invited papers and a selection of research papers submitted to Computer Animation '91, the third international work­ shop on Computer Animation, which was held in Geneva on May 22-24. This workshop, now an annual event, has been organized by the Computer Graphics Society, the University of Geneva, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. During the international workshop on Computer Animation '91, the fourth Computer-generated Film Festival of Geneva, was held. The book presents original research results and applications experience of the various areas of computer animation. This year most papers are related to character animation, human animation, facial animation, and motion contro!. NA DIA MAGNENAT THALMANN DANIEL THALMANN v Table of Contents Part I: Facial Animation Contral Parameterization for Facial Animation F. I. PARKE. 3 Linguistic Issues in Facial Animation C. PELACHAUD, N. !. BADLER, M. STEEDMAN. 15 Facial Animation by Spatial Mapping E. C. PATTERSON, P. c. LITWINOWICZ, N. GREENE. 31 A Transformation Method for Modeling and Animation of the Human Face fram Photographs T. KURlHARA, K. ARAI. 45 Techniques for Realistic Facial Modeling and Animation D. TERZOPOULOS, K. WATERS. 59 Part ll: Human Modeling and Animation Generation of Human Motion with Emotion M. UNUMA, R. TAKEUCHI. •. 77 Creating Realistic Three-Dimensional Human Shape Characters for Computer-Generated Films A. PAOURl, N. MAGNENATTHALMANN, D. THALMANN. 89 Design of Realistic Gaits for the Purpose of Animation N. VASlLONIKOLIDAKIS, G. J CLAPWORTHY.

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