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Machine-based material processing - Part: Milling

Basic and specialized training

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2. Auflage. 2014

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Christiani. ISBN 978-3-86522-829-1

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The training workbook "Machine - based material processing - Part: Milling" deals with the metalremoving process of milling. It provides a detailed description of the various milling methods, e.g. surface milling using either a face milling cutter, a peripheral milling cutter or an end milling cutter, and longitudinal profile milling. It also presents the various types of milling machines and their functions, provides instruction in professional machine operation and the review and setting of the production parameters, and describes the necessary tools as well as the fitting and adjustment of the tools and workpieces. The project "Drill stand" is dealt with in 13 practical exercises, each accompanied by work information, parts lists and work planning sheets as well as inspection and evaluation sheets. The exercises are structured according to the "Leittext" method and are based on the end-to-end process model. This approach fosters both working and social competence. The exercises are equally suitable for individual and group work. Theoretical and practical knowledge on the section "Milling", approx. 60 pages with coloured graphics. Anticipated time required: approx. 4 weeks

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