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Maar / Gräfin von Hohenthal und Bergen / Oroschakoff

Haralampi G. Oroschakoff


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Buch. Hardcover


320 S.

In deutscher und englischer Sprache

Hatje Cantz Verlag GmbH. ISBN 978-3-7757-4207-8

Format (B x L): 23.8 x 31.9 cm

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Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Zeitgenössische Kunst


Haralampi G. Oroschakoff (*1955 in Sofia) is considered a pioneer of the East-West dialogue in art and a renewer of the reception of Eastern iconography in Western painting. He attracted attention in the eighties with drawings, text collages, installations, and video performances. His series discretely advance monochrome painting and designate the invisible cultural boundary between the post-Latin West and the post-Byzantine East. The richly illustrated book is a time journey through the life and oeuvre of the offspring of an old, exiled Russian family with residences in Berlin, Cannes, and Vienna. Or, as Elke Schmitter aptly summed up: "Oroschakoff's investigation of the mythical, foreign world of the East opens one's eyes for the diversity of this 'other Europe' in its 'Slavic forbearance, Asian brutality, and Oriental poetry' to become a concrete art of the cartography of brittle surfaces as well as vividly colored symbols that can be used polemically."
With a booklet containing selected texts and reviews on his life and work in the period from 1980 to 2016.

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