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Ethics and Cyber Warfare

The Quest for Responsible Security in the Age of Digital Warfare

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Buch. Hardcover


208 S.

In englischer Sprache

Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0-19-027652-2

Format (B x L): 16,2 x 24,1 cm

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In this work, an internationally-respected authority in military ethics describes a wholly new kind of cyber conflict that has utterly confounded the predictions of earlier experts in information warfare. Comparing this "state-sponsored hacktivism" to the transformative impact of "irregular warfare" in conventional armed conflict, Lucas offers a critique of legal approaches to governance, and outlines a new approach to ethics and "just war" reasoning (grounded in the
political philosophies of Alasdair MacIntyre, John Rawls, and Jürgen Habermas) that provides both a framework for understanding these newly-emerging norms of practice for cyber conflict, and the basis for a professional "code of ethics" for the new generation of "cyber warriors."

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