Loebe / Severing

Gender Management im Unternehmen

Bedarf, Implementierungsstrategien, Perspektiven
2014. Buch, geheftet. 52 S.
W. Bertelsmann ISBN 978-3-7639-5289-2
Format (B x L): 21 x 29,7 cm
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Against the background of dwindling worker potential, it becomes increasingly important to fully utilise the potential of the female workforce. Gender management as a business strategy does not focus on breaking down existing disparity between male and female workers; instead, it aims to optimally utilise the strengths of both genders for the good of the workers and the business.
The measures are meant to improve work satisfaction, retain skilled workers long-term, and to sustainably improve the work climate and company culture.
The manual is aimed at HR officers and corporate management of mid-sized companies.
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