Cyclic Homology

2nd ed. 1997. Buch. xix, 516 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 978-3-540-63074-6
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From the reviews: "This is a very interesting book containing material for a comprehensive study of the cyclid homological theory of algebras, cyclic sets and S1-spaces. Lie algebras and algebraic K-theory and an introduction to Connes'work and recent results on the Novikov conjecture. The book requires a knowledge of homological algebra and Lie algebra theory as well as basic technics coming from algebraic topology. The bibliographic comments at the end of each chapter offer good suggestions for further reading and research. The book can be strongly recommended to anybody interested in noncommutative geometry, contemporary algebraic topology and related topics." European Mathematical Society Newsletter

In this second edition the authors have added a chapter 13 on MacLane (co)homology.



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Subject at the forefront of research A very much needed book Loday is well-known both as one of the leading researchers in the field and also as a very clear and precise expositor A diversity of approaches A comprehensive monograph from a unified point of view There is no competitive work available