Local Government Management

1998. Buch. 0 S. Softcover
Open University Press ISBN 978-0-335-19893-1
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Local government in Britain is undergoing fundamental transformation. This book explores the impact of these changes upon the attitudes, behaviour and job satisfaction of the managers most affected by them. On the basis of a detailed review of recent research findings and theoretical debates, it outlines the major changes affecting local government organizations and the duties and responsibilities of those working within them. This provides the context for a detailed empirical case study which explores the extent to which a rhetoric of 'new managerialism' is supported by a reality of change.
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Linda Keen is Lecturer in Management at the University of Kent at Canterbury. She has published widely on changes in local government with articles in Public Money and Management, Local Government Studies, and other public sector journals, and has worked in local government as both an officer and an elected member. Richard Scase is Professor of Sociology and Organizational Behaviour at the University of Kent at Canterbury. He is the author or co-author of several books including most recently Corporate Realities (1995) and Higher Education and Corporate Realities (1994). He has published widely in academic journals on issues of change in private and public sector organizations.