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Lobinski / Marczenko

Spectrochemical Trace Analysis for Metals and Metalloids

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1996. Buch. 838 S. Hardcover

Elsevier Science & Technology. ISBN 978-0-444-82368-7

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Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry; 30


Analytical methods, that combine a chemical sample treatment step with a spectrometric technique, applied to the determination of metals and metalloids at trace and ultratrace levels are discussed in this book. A thorough critical survey of the literature for the period 1985-1994 gives references to source articles always readily available in peer reviewed journals.
The book comprises three parts. Part I discusses general aspects of successive steps of an analytical procedure from sampling and sample decomposition, through separation and preconcentration to spectrometric determination. Flow injection analysis, hyphenated techniques and speciation are included. Accuracy in trace analysis, sources of errors and the role of CRMs are also covered. Part II is devoted to practical aspects of sample handling and multielement trace analyses of environmental, geological, clinical, and industrial materials. Each chapter contains several tables summarizing procedures for multielement analysis of real samples and certified reference materials available for method validation. Part III contains 54 alphabetically arranged monographic reviews on spectrochemical trace analysis for individual elements. Each chapter gives basic information on analytico-chemical properties of the element which is followed by an overview of methods for its separation, preconcentration, and instrumental detection. Particular attention is given to practical issues, difficulties and quality assurance during the analysis of real samples. Each chapter contains tables summarizing the key steps of the procedures developed for the trace element determination and the detection characteristics reported.


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