Curriculum Review: Analysis of a Spanish Translation Course Curriculum from the University of Guyana

2014. Buch. 84 S. Softcover
LINCOM ISBN 978-3-86288-546-6
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This curriculum review report centres its attention on the analysis of a Spanish course curriculum document from the University of Guyana. The aim of this report is to highlight those areas that are deficient in the current course curriculum, analyse and revise them, and make recommendations for improvements. Information about the University of Guyana, along with its vision, mission and value statements are presented. Then, a discussion ensues on curriculum planning, designing and development, paying specific attention to what curriculum entails. An analysis is conducted of the course curriculum, highlighting both the positives and the negatives. Subsequently, recommendations are made for changes to the course curriculum and conclusions are drawn from the report. Further, the old and new course curriculums are presented as an appendix, along with rubrics for all the assessment tasks, and a constructively-aligned lesson. The intention is that this new curriculum be used to revolutionise learning and teaching at the University of Guyana, and in all those Universities where learning and teaching is deficient.
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