Liu / Clarke / Andersen / Stamper

Coordination and Communication Using Signs

Studies in Organisational Semiotics
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2002. Buch. xi, 256 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 978-0-7923-7509-8
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Coordination And Communication Using Signs: Studies in Organisational Semiotics is a cutting-edge volume that bridges the gap between the technical and social aspects of information systems and information technology. The chapters in the book are divided into two major sections. The first section deals with Communication and Pragmatics, and Organisational Systems and the following topics are examined:

- the semiotic framework and natural language;

- coordination and communication using natural language and other artifacts in a real-life setting;

- substantive-level issues of information systems and business processes from several theoretical perspectives;

- language as action;

- communication quality in the context of systems and business processes;

- organisational action and Greimas' semiotics.

Section Two concentrates on organisational systems, which may or may not include a computer system as a component and examines the following topics:

- semiotic strategies and semiotic models of organisational structures;

- the impact of information technology with instructive case studies;

- the impact of information technology with a particular focus on sense-making in the work floor context;

- the design of computer information systems;

- improving the design quality of agent-based information systems;

- the design of information systems, in terms of capacity, and data scheme.

All the chapters in the volume have been submitted to a review process of discussants and peer reviews.



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