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Receptor Purification

Receptors for Steroid Hormones, Thyroid Hormones, Water-Balancing Hormones, and Others

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1990. Buch. xiii, 417 S. Bibliographien. Hardcover

Humana Press. ISBN 978-0-89603-183-8

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Receptor Purification is a unique, practical two-volume guide to the purification of most receptor types, including receptors for neurotransmitters, polypeptide hormones, steroid hormones, and a variety of other ligands involved in many biological processes. Today's methods of receptor purification have evolved from years of research on the mechanisms of receptor actions, where they were needed to discover receptor properties and ultimately for use in cloning.

Receptor Purification provides a comprehensive source of techniques to enable the purification of cloned receptors, as well as a handy reference on purification of receptors from cells and tissues in a physiological context. Designed to give investigators the best possible selection of approaches to a purification problem, alternative methods are provided where applicable.

In addition, Receptor Purification features chapters on specific agents-such as covalent binding ligands-that will greatly simplify some purification processes.

Many of the leading laboratories whose work has led to the purification of a wide variety of receptors are represented in the contributions to these two volumes. In some chapters, information has been added on the applications of purified receptors, while others focus on the cloning of the receptors. The purification of receptors is group-based on functional ligands.

The first volume is devoted to the purification of receptors that bind neurotransmitters and a wide variety of polypeptide hormones. Volume 2 covers the steroid receptors and associated proteins, such as vitamin D-3 and retinoic acid receptors. Other polypeptide receptors, such as those involved in bacterial motion, are given attention as well. In short, the twin volumes of Receptor Purification constitute the most complete collection of purification procedures to date.

Receptor Purification is a valuable desk- and benchside resource for biologists, biochemists, pharmacologists, molecular biologists, endocrinologists, and indeed everyone-whether novice or expert-involved in any area of receptor research.


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