SQL Server Security

2003. Buch. 352 S. Softcover
McGraw-Hill Education ISBN 978-0-07-222515-0
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Protect your data from the most sophisticated hackers with hands-on examples and sure-fire measures in SQL Server Security. Understand the ways in which SQL Server can be hacked, and what you can do to prevent exploitation of your data. Install, administer, and program secure Microsoft SQL Server environments and applications. Assess your risk and threat levels when designing a secure system. Make sure your defensive strategies match the threat when considering encryption options. Extend your defenses to include security auditing and intrusion detection. Implementing the techniques in this indispensable security resource is as close as you can get to guaranteed prevention against hackers without turning off the power switch.Covers the latest techniques: - Install and configure your SQL Server environment for maximum security - Build and maintain a robust and protected database server - Protect valuable customer information, human resources data, and more - Defend against application software vulnerabilities and configuration issues - Ensure that access to data is only granted when appropriate - Encrypt data into an unreadable form to preserve confidentiality - Understand the mistakes that contributed to the spread of the SQL Slammer worm - Rid your applications of SQL injection bugs - Permit client applications to access the server securely - Build and utilize an effective auditing and intrusion detection plan
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