Lipton / Mackinlay

We Only Talk Feminist Here

Feminist Academics, Voice and Agency in the Neoliberal University
1st ed. 2017 2016. Buch. xii, 128 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
Palgrave Macmillan ISBN 978-3-319-40077-8
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This book explores what it means to ‘only talk feminist here’ in the contemporary neoliberal university. How do feminist academics effect change? How are feminist voices sounded, heard, received, silenced, and masked? We Only Talk Feminist Here offers insight into the complexities, contradictions, and possibilities of ‘talking feminist’; of writing as speaking, problematising notions of voice and agency, of speaking into the silences and the ways in which we fight for and flee to feminist spaces, and of talking back. This book presents new possibilities for framing ‘talking feminist’ differently, by exploring what we say, when we say it, how we say it, and what it means when we do any of these things in terms of our multiple and shifting feminist subjectivities. We Only Talk Feminist Here draws upon interviews and conversations with feminist academics in Australia to demonstrate the performative and discursive moves feminist academics make in order to be heard and effect change to the gendered status quo in Australian higher education.
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Explores the role of feminist voice and feminist talk in contemporary university settings Explores the impact of ongoing neo-liberal and profit-driven changes in universities on feminist academics Draws on personal interviews with feminist academics to demonstrate the performative and discursive strategies they use to negotiate the neoliberal university Reveals how feminist academics encounter and create spaces where feminist knowledge and practices are privileged over neoliberal-patriarchal ones