Lipowsky / Richter / Kremer

The Structure and Conformation of Amphiphilic Membranes

Proceedings of the International Workshop on Amphiphilic Membranes, Jülich, Germany, September 16–18, 1991
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Membranes composed of amphiphilic molecules are highly
flexible surfaces that determine the architecture of
biological systems and provide a basic structural element
for complex fluids such as microemulsions. Recently, a
variety of new experimental methods such as X-ray
scattering, neutron scattering, and atomic force microscopy
have been used in order to study themolecular structure of
these membranes. Their conformational behavior, on the other
hand, is studied by optical and electron microscopy, which
reveals that membranes in aqueous solution exhibit an
amazing variety of different shapes. Several theoretical
concepts are described suchas bending elasticity,
curvature, and minimal surfaces in order to understand this
polymorphism. These concepts are also useful to describe the
behavior of membranes in complex fluids where they can build
up hexagonal, lamellar, triply-periodic, cubic, and sponge
phases. The contributions to this volume provide an
up-to-date overview and describe thestate-of-the-art of
this rapidly evolving field of research.



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