Lipchin / Sandler / Cushman

The Jordan River and Dead Sea Basin

Cooperation Amid Conflict
2009. Buch. xxi, 316 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 9789048129874
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The 21st century will present unprecedented challenges. Already in its first decade we have seen the dramatic impact of two systemic risks, that of climate change and that of the financial crisis. The cause but also the solution to these crises lies in a deeper understanding of the underlying factors and int- dependencies. New ways must be found to overcome deep obstacles and find common solutions to seemingly intractable problems. The water crisis in the Middle East is a central challenge of the 21st century. The future of the people of the region depends on finding lasting solutions. Due to the exhaustion and pollution of available sources, compounded by climate change, demographic change and economic development, the pressures of water resource management will grow. New solutions must urgently be found as business as usual is not sustainable. This book provides vital new insights into possible elements of a sustainable future in one key area, that of the Jordan River and Dead Sea Basin. The future development of the Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli people depends on finding a just and sustainable system of water resource management in this Basin. Given the potential for regional and other conflicts arising out of tensions over water, the ramifications are wider and even global in significance. This volume provides fresh regional and international perspectives which greatly assist in our understanding of the issues and their possible resolution.
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Brings together in one volume the world’s leading experts on water governance in the Middle East Offers insight from Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian experts Provides models for water governance based on ecosystem and not political boundaries