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Progress in Catheter Ablation

Clinical Application of New Mapping and Ablation Technology
1st Edition. Softcover version of original hardcover edition 2002 2012. Buch. 608 S. Softcover
Springer Netherlands ISBN 9789048158829
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The clinician nowadays is faced with a wide and often confusing choice of new instruments and methods of ablation. There are few, if any, comparative studies involving the various new tools, nor is there any compilation of data on any specific new discovery. It is timely to provide a review of available data on the progress of new technology in order to enhance our knowledge and to concentrate our efforts into the development of an ultimate practical and yet effective methodology.

The purpose of this publication is to provide a forum in which the authors can present their experience, even if only in its preliminary stages, in the respective field or technology. Various technological advancements in mapping and ablation as well as the improved understanding of the pathophysiology of the various arrhythmias are presented. The authors are selected for their interest and expertise on the subject. Each topic is presented in a concise form and with relevance to the development of new technology. The authors are encouraged to provide their opinion on the issues to stimulate further discussion and investigation.
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