Linn / Vogel / Mous

Translation and Interculturality: Africa and the West

2008. Buch. X, 156 S. Softcover
Peter Lang ISBN 978-3-631-57642-7
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This book reveals the heterogeneous image of translation using positive metaphors featuring bridge building between languages and cultures, neutral ones such as translation finding place in intercultures, but also controversial aspects of translation as a potential source of conflict. The articles address a variety of topics, all connected with cultural challenges to translation between Africa and the West discussing linguistic, political and ideological aspects of translation, ranging from problems related to Bible translation to the position of African postcolonial literature. The languages discussed range from North to South, from global to local ones, varying from sacred terms to obscene language. Methodological approaches not only cover linguistics, literary and translation studies, featuring especially skopos theory and relevance theory, but also cultural studies and anthropology.
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