Applying Generalized Linear Models

1st ed. 1997. Corr. 3rd printing 2000. Buch. xiv, 256 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 978-0-387-98218-2
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This book describes how generalised linear modelling procedures can be used in many different fields, without becoming entangled in problems of statistical inference. The author shows the unity of many of the commonly used models and provides readers with a taste of many different areas, such as survival models, time series, and spatial analysis, and of their unity. As such, this book will appeal to applied statisticians and to scientists having a basic grounding in modern statistics. With many exercises at the end of each chapter, it will equally constitute an excellent text for teaching applied statistics students and non- statistics majors. The reader is assumed to have knowledge of basic statistical principles, whether from a Bayesian, frequentist, or direct likelihood point of view, being familiar at least with the analysis of the simpler normal linear models, regression and ANOVA.



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