Edible Medicinal and Non-Medicinal Plants

Volume 10, Modified Stems, Roots, Bulbs
1st ed. 2016. Buch. x, 659 S.: 26 s/w-Abbildungen, 46 Farbabbildungen, Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 9789401772754
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Volume 10 is part of a multi compendium Edible Medicinal and Non-Medicinal Plants. This work is of significant interest to medical practitioners, pharmacologists, ethnobotanists, horticulturists, food nutritionists, botanists, agriculturists, conservationists and general public. 59 plant species with edible modified stems, roots and bulbs in the families Amaranthaceae, Cannaceae, Cibotiaceae, Convolvulaceae, Cyperaceae, Dioscoreaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Fabaceae, Iridaceae, Lamiaceae, Marantaceae, Nelumbonaceae, Nyctaginaceae, Nymphaeaceae, Orchidaceae, Oxalidaceae, Piperaceae, Poaceae, Rubiaceae, Simaroubaceae, Solanaceae, Tropaeolaceae, Typhaceae and Zingiberaceae. Topics covered include: taxonomy; common/ vernacular names; origin/ distribution; agroecology; edible plant parts/uses; botany; nutritive/medicinal properties, nonedible uses and selected references.



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Over 200 coloured illustrations in this volume Referenced up-to-date-information on nutritive and medicinal properties and other non-edible uses Botanical description and common and vernacular names to help in plant identification Medical and scientific glossaries