Lightdale / Dancygier

Endosonography in Gastroenterology

Principles, Techniques, Findings
1999. Buch. 240 S. Hardcover
Thieme ISBN 978-3-13-116471-1
Format (B x L): 19,5 x 27 cm
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Since endoscopic ultrasonography was first used approximately 15 years ago, it has become a valuable adjunct tool, supplementing endoscopy, conventional ultrasound, and CT for a large number of specific indications.

Features of this book include: physical laws and technology as necessary for an understanding of the imaging technique; indications and clinical value of the method for specific indications; examinationtechnique in normal findings as the basis of evaluation: for example, passage through the esophagus and stomach are shown step by step using more than 30 illustrations.

All original photographs are explained with correlated line drawings, aiding the unexperienced examiner to interpret images with confidence.

Written by authors who were pioneers in the method, and who have established an international reputation.
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