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Incubators in Developing Countries and their Benefit from Regional Resources

A Case Study in Namibia

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1st ed. 2020. 2019

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Roman Liedtke investigates the causes of the failure of business incubators in developing countries. Based on the insights of an incubator program in Namibia, he develops a new absorptive capacity model which enables incubators in developing countries to improve their processes in order to better benefit from external resources. Since incubators and entrepreneurs suffer from resource constraints, the existing absorptive capacity research has been expanded by focusing on external resources and the institutional environment of an incubator in developing countries. This book opens up new perspectives and valuable results in incubator research in an effort to enable incubators to improve their programs and to boost growth rate of start-ups in neglected regions. Contents - Development of a Resource Taxonomy for Incubators - Institutions and their Influence in Developing Countries - Extension of Absorptive Capacity with Focus on Prior Knowledge - Application of Organizational Learning Theory - Methodical Structure of Case Study - Main Hindrances for Incubators in Developing Countries Target Groups - Lecturers and students in the field of business administration with major in entrepreneurship - Practitioners in the field of business incubators in developing countries The AuthorRoman Liedtke is currently working in the process and project management of an international operating forwarding agency. One of his main tasks is the back office management in India which is part of an administrative restructuring of the company headed in Germany.


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