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Politik des Essens

Wovon die Welt von morgen lebt

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1. Aufl.. 2014

344 S.

transcript. ISBN 978-3-8394-1845-1

Format (B x L): 14,8 x 22,5 cm

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Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: X-Texte zu Kultur und Gesellschaft


Food crises, hunger unrest, unfair global trade, food scandals, fast food, and obesity - the discomfort in global food culture is growing daily, everywhere. And more and more people are fed up with this situation.
Harald Lemke highlights central world- and self-relations of food that are connected to contemporary political questions.
He demonstrates: Be it world hunger or climate justice, be it the social struggle for food sovereignty or the right to cities of vegetable gardens - the future of mankind crucially depends on the societal treatment of the food question.Review
'The value of this important book is that it conveys essential basics, unites them in a coherent philosophy, and [.] offers practical solutions.'
Lothar Kolmer, Epikur - Journal für Gastrosophie'[The book] offers an important contribution to a philosophical discussion and takes an unequivocal stand to agriculture that benefits the farmer and - with that - all food-consuming people.'
Thomas Gröbly, Kultur und Politik'Lemke starts his social revolution at the existential need to eat. The advantage of that approach is that he can give specific suggestions for a change of everyday life, that are comprehensible for all.'
Jan Achim Richter, Portal für Politikwissenschaft'This book is highly recommended!'
Birgit Peuker, Gen-ethischer Informationsdienst'Exciting and inspiring reading material.'
Johanna Heim, Epikur - Journal für Gastrosophie'A style of writing that makes it easy to read and understand.'
Reinhild Khan, ekz bibliotheksservice

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