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The 'Ancient Supremacy'

Bukhara, Afghanistan and the Battle for Balkh, 1731-1901

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1996. Buch. L, 730 S. Hardcover

Brill Academic Publishers. ISBN 9789004103993

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This work is a chronological account of the struggle between the Afghan Amirs of Kabul and the Manghit Dynasty of Bukhara for Balkh province ('wilayat') during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Drawing extensively on India Office Records, Persian and native oral sources, the book provides a unique insight into an important, but little-studied Central Asian region. Structured around the history of Maimana's Mingid dynasty, the book details the various military campaigns, whilst also examining critically Britain and Russia's role in the 'Afghanisation' of Balkh during the period of the 'Great Game'. The work is especially significant to historians since it questions conventional perceptions of Central Asia during the era of European imperialism. It examines too Balkh's social and economic situation. It includes numerous maps, charts, photographs and dynastic charts.


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