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Lakner / Anderson

Revival: Reliability Engineering for Nuclear and Other High Technology Systems (1985)

A Practical Guide

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CRC Press. ISBN 978-1-138-56173-1

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First Published in 2017. This book presents a much needed practical methodology for the establishment of cost-effective reliability programs in nuclear or other high technology industries. Thanks to the high competence and practical experience of the authors in the field of reliability, it vividly illustrates the applicability of proven, cost-effective reliability techniques applied in the American space and military programs as hybridized with the avant-garde approach used by nuclear authorities, utilities and researchers in the United Kingdom and France. This emerged method will support a diligent effort in the enhancement of nuclear safety and protection of the health of the general public. The methodology developed in this book exemplifies the total integrated reliability program approach in the design, procurement, manufacturing, test, installation and operational phases of an equipment life cycle. It is based on lessons learned in space and military programs with certain methodological modifications to enhance practicality. The techniques described here are applicable to college instruction, plant upper and middle management personnel, as well as to regulating agencies with equal benefits; it provides a very pragmatic and cost-efficient approach to the reliability engineering discipline.

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