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Laabs / Gellner

Peter Herrmann

Malergrüße aus Berlin / Painter's Greetings from Berlin

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Buch. Hardcover


155 S.

In deutscher und englischer Sprache

Deutscher Kunstverlag. ISBN 978-3-422-07414-9

Format (B x L): 23.8 x 28.7 cm

Gewicht: 1157 g


Faced with Peter Herrmann's paintings we can rediscover a sense of wonder, discover what is fascinating in urban scenes, everyday objects and routine events, and trace the sometimes unspectacular aspects of human existence. The painter, born near Zittau in 1937, who now lives in Berlin, does not shy away from taking on the tradition of the great masters of art, from Paolo Uccello to Caspar David Friedrich, or to Paul Cezanne. Moreover, the effect of his paintings is underscored by an ironic, cryptic humor.
This catalogue is the first to extensively introduce the oeuvre of Peter Herrmann. It provides insights into early work phases and retraces the artist's biography in close connection to his works. The main focus of the book is placed on works Herrmann created starting in 2000. In a sumptuous series of images the reader encounters a type of painting dominated by bright, strong tones and fields of color. In their reduction of what is represented and their nonchalance, the works provide answers and ask questions in equal measure.

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