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AutoCAD Workbook for Architects and Engineers

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2008. Buch. 296 S. Softcover

wiley. ISBN 978-1-4051-8096-2

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Students need a book about drawing, not software and this step-by-step guide offers the basics on how to produce a range of drawings types with a wide variety of AutoCAD commands and sequences.

This focus of this book is producing 2D drawings for engineering and architectural designs. It is not about every AutoCAD command and the many options, variables and command sequences that go into that command. There are a great many very good reference books on the market that discuss these aspects of the AutoCAD program, and all of that information is found within the Help files of the program.

Each chapter - or teaching module - contains a brief introduction to the commands and many exercises. Many students are not familiar with basic drawing types: working drawings as opposed to presentation drawings, orthographic projection as opposed to pictorial views, sections and reverse sections, etc. This book will show how to produce all these using 'walk-throughs' on how to approach different situations. Only a few commands are covered in each chapter, with between 4 and 20 exercises per chapter illustrating how the commands can be employed. This book concentrates on useable exercises that provide completed drawings - and explanations on the software is secondary.


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