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Advances in integrated weed management

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Burleigh Dodds. ISBN 978-1-78676-745-5

Format (B x L): 15,2 x 22,9 cm


Weed management continues to face many challenges, including herbicide resistance, invasive species, climate change and how best to deploy the range of non-chemical control methods available. To tackle these challenges, integrated weed management (IWM) needs to evolve to embrace a more holistic, landscape-based agroecological approach.

Advances in integrated weed management provides an authoritative review of the latest developments in integrated weed management (IWM), including the change in approach to the complex ways weeds interact with their environment and with each other, as well as how some species may have the ability to contribute to ecosystem services such as soil health. This collection explores these developments and offers examples of how they are being applied in practice for particular crops.

Edited by Professor Per Kudsk, Aarhus University, Denmark, Advances in integrated weed management will be a standard reference for weed scientists, researchers in crop protection, agronomists, farmers, companies supplying/manufacturing pesticides, and government and private sector agencies supporting sustainable agriculture.

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