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Kroll / Thoß

Musik in Preußen – preußische Musik?

Preußen in seinen künstlerischen Ausdrucksformen, Band 2.

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Duncker & Humblot. ISBN 978-3-428-14994-0

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Representatives of various disciplines – historians, musicologists, German philologists and scholars of theatre art – explore select aspects of music production in Brandenburg-Prussia under the title of 'Music in Prussia – Prussian Music?'. Here the question arises whether a specific Prussian style existed within contemporary music or if the musical culture that was developed in Prussia from the 17th to the early 20th century may be classed within the respective German or international European context without distinction. The nine contributions presented here encompass the time frame of Frederick III/I’s first few years in power until the era of William II. The change of music’s function for the representation of the monarchy and for the governing ruler’s self-perception becomes readily apparent. Each of the nine bearers of Prussian regality had a special relationship with music, whereby Frederick William I and Frederick the Great represented two starkly opposed positions.

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