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Kristan / Manikas

Frei und Losgelöst / Free and Detached

Architekten der Meisterklasse / Architects of the Master Class Wilhelm Holzbauer

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248 S. 130 Farbabbildungen.

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De Gruyter. ISBN 978-3-0356-0352-1

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From 1977 until his retirement in 1999, Wilhelm Holzbauer was Head of one of the three master classes for architecture at Vienna University of Applied Arts. His teaching activity was supported by a number of Assistant Lecturers and Assistants, amongst them Dimitris Manikas, Heiner Fürst, Ernst Mayr, Roman Delugan and others. Under the tuition of this fortuitous constellation of teachers, the students created fantasy projects and designs for actual construction projects current at the time, some of which were overtaken by events and some of which are still current today. Some of the students from that time are now recognized architects (e.g. Carlo Baumschlager, Roman Delugan, Hubert Hermann, Ernst Mayr, Francy Valentiny, Susanne Zottl and many others) and have numerous completed buildings to their name. This publication compares the student designs of these architects with those of their current work.  

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