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Krichewsky / Milhaud / Pettinaroli / Scot

A Student’s Guide to European Universities

Sociology, Political Science, Geography and History

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2011. Buch. 506 S. Softcover

Barbara Budrich. ISBN 978-3-86649-386-5

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Studying Abroad The guidebook to Social Sciences in Europe addresses students and researchers going abroad. It offers an insight into the origins, methods and current trends in four Social Science disciplines in six European countries (Spain, France, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Great Britain) combined with practical information on the university system as well as teaching and assessment methods. It also includes information on student life in the countries in question. A thorough preparation is the best asset to make the most of a study abroad experience. From a practical standpoint, this guidebook is a goldmine for students in Social Sciences (History, Political Science, Geography and Sociology) who are planning to move to one of the six countries investigated (Germany, Spain, France, Britain, Italy and the Czech Republic). Not only are they provided with an opportunity to learn about the history of each academic system, but they can also gain an understanding about the evolution of the specific discipline they are studying, and discover the content of classes, the ways students are assessed and papers graded, or the national approaches of social sciences. The guidebook is also a genuine contribution to the analysis of European university systems. It provides hitherto unpublished material, and implicitly defends three strong positions. First, it confirms that the European Higher Education Area is only in its infancy. Next, it shows how national differences extend beyond structural differences to include pedagogical conceptions, ways of teaching and curricular management. Finally, it challenges the universal character of disciplines and emphasizes their national specificities, despite the constant stream of transnational circulations and transfers. From the Contents: An invitation to go abroad From Bologna (1217) to Bologna (1999): A brief history of European universities Building a European Higher Education Area Studying Abroad: Intercultural challenges Czech Republic France Germany Great Britain Italy Spain


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