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Krause / Drape / Maitrot

CT and MRI of Disk Herniations

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2012. Buch. xvii, 221 S. 3 s/w-Tabelle, Bibliographien. Softcover

Springer. ISBN 978-3-642-73593-6

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The ever-increasing interest in the spine and its pathology is not surprising. Acting as the main support of an erect posture unique in the animal kingdom, the human spine is, owing to its numerous articulations, at the same time a supple structure that can respond to the many stresses which are put on it. Constant movement is necessary to preserve its function, but regular and well­ is also essential. The high frequency of spinal disorders result­ positioned rest ing from misuse is easily explained by day-to-day reality. Among the disorders that result from misuse of the spine, herniated disk, leading to radicular compression, is one of the most frequent. New tech­ niques, less invasive and yielding more precise information, have been pro­ gressively developed for the diagnosis of this disease and at the same time new methods of treatment have appeared, giving us a much broader range of choices and decisions to make. In the face of this evolving, complex situation, a multidisciplinary team from Strasbourg decided to clarify the topic. A single man's experience, what­ ever his qualities, would certainly have been insufficient and the necessarily limited views of a single speciality would also have been a handicap. This re­ markable work is thus the result of collaboration between clinical and inter­ ventional radiologists and a neurosurgeon.


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