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Klein / Whatson / Oliveira

Profit from Procurement

Add 30% to Your Bottom Line by Breaking Down Silos

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Wiley John + Sons. ISBN 978-1-119-78473-9

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Your procurement strategy is limiting your profits. Multiply them by making procurement an integral part of your corporate strategy Profit from Procurement: Add 30% to Your Bottom Line by Breaking Down Silos delivers an insightful, compelling, and fresh take on a subject that typically comprises 50% of a business' overall costs: procurement. Alex Klein, Jose Oliveira, and Simon Whatson, leaders of the world's largest devoted procurement consultancy, highlight the dysfunctions of traditional procurement and supply-chain processes and demonstrate how rebuilding them to include cross-functional procurement teams early in business processes will help businesses maximize EBITDA. The book offers readers a practical and concrete roadmap to fully integrating and optimizing a company's procurement processes, creating a less siloed, more coherent part of daily business. Readers will learn about: * How to plan their company's procurement transformation * How to ensure their team possesses the skills necessary for the coming change * Navigating the change from a siloed, inefficient procurement practice that is only utilized at the end of business processes, to one that is integrated early to maximize savings. * How to ensure that procurement efficiencies are reflected in bottom-line profit Perfect for C-suite executives and procurement professionals at companies of all sizes, Profit from Procurement also belongs on the bookshelves of every employee and leader tasked with company operations and profit strategy.

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