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Kishimoto / Kikuchi / Shoji / Saka

Advances in Fracture and Failure Prevention

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2004. Buch. 1754 S. Softcover

Trans Tech Publications. ISBN 978-0-87849-938-0

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The Far East and Oceanic Fracture Society (FEOFS) and the Center for Physics and Chemistry of Fracture and Failure Prevention (PCFP) jointly organized a pair of conferences, FEOFS 2003 and 2nd ICPCF, on October 20-22 at Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan.
These resultant proceedings present the latest findings and ideas of engineers and scientists involved in studying the fracture and strength of solids all around the world. The two-volume set features 271 peer-reviewed papers from scientists and engineers coming from 30 different countries. These include the papers arising from plenary lectures and keynote lectures which gave a broad overview of the state-of-the-art of fracture research and failure prevention. It is strongly hoped that the new ideas and results presented in these proceedings will stimulate and enhance progress in fracture mechanics research and in the fundamental understanding of fracture and failure prevention in structures.

The book is divided into the following sections: Invited Lecture; Fracture and Fracture Mechanics; Dynamic Behavior of Solids; Interfacial Problems; Electrical Devices and Systems; Computational Analyses and Fracture Simulations; Optimization; Invited and Keynote Lecture; Physics & Chemistry of Fracture and Failure Prevention; Fatigue and Creep; Corrosion and Damage Evaluation; Composite Materials; Measurement Methods.


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