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The Numerate Leader: How to Pull Game-Changing Insights from Statistical Data

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Buch. Hardcover


288 S.

In englischer Sprache

wiley. ISBN 978-1-119-84328-3


The Craft of Numeracy is designed to raise the statistical game of a generalist who works on an organization's front line. The target reader is too busy with budget deadlines, screaming customers, supply chain problems, and human resource mishaps to learn exotic math. To borrow a phrase from political adviser James Carville, It's the ideas, stupid. This book is not about which buttons to push when firing up a computer. All software discussions provided below are limited to a few functions in Microsoft Excel. This is the book to read before enrolling in advanced data analytics classes, or just after, when you are on the job. Numerate employees who use these tools identify provisional relationships. They then invite statistical experts, whom author Tom King respectfully call propeller heads, to kick the tires and determine whether proposed ideas have merit. If King's personal experience is any guide, identifying just one or two insights that stand up to scrutiny will be a game-changer for the reader's career and her employer's financial prospects. The core skill is finding patterns that may be expected to recur in the future. The recipe discussed in the following pages blends concepts you learned in introductory statistics laced with a few ideas from the philosophy of science. You have already learned - but likely don't yet understand - what's covered in the pages that follow. What is new is how the material is explained. King is a powerful storytelling who skills in giving a context for the craft of numeracy will allow you to put previously learned statistical concepts to much more productive use in pulling insights from data sets in front of you.

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