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MRI Essentials for the Spine Specialist

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Buch. Hardcover


304 S. 374 Illustrationen.

In englischer Sprache

Thieme Medical Publishers. ISBN 978-1-60406-877-1

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MRI Essentials for the Spine Specialist is a
comprehensive textbook that details the complex MRI anatomy of the spine and the
spectrum of pathological findings in patients with spinal disorders. Covering
basic concepts such as the physics of MRI and normal MRI anatomy of the spine as
well as advanced MRI techniques, this book will help clinicians develop a
systematic approach to the accurate interpretation of spine MRI studies.Key
Features:Region-specific and concept-specific chapters systematically
covering what the spine specialist must masterAll chapters written by
spine surgeons, interventional pain specialists, and radiologists, specifically
for cliniciansMore than 450 MR images and 80 instructive
illustrations to help readers visualize and clarify their understanding of the
concepts presentedPractical and focused review of how other imaging
modalities correlate with and complement MRICommon Clinical Questions
with answers and detailed explanations in each chapterThis text will be an
important resource for spine surgeons, interventional and non-interventional
pain specialists, interventional radiologists, neurologists, sports medicine
specialists, and any other physicians or allied health professionals with an
interest in the management of patients with spinal disorders. It is also an
excellent reference for diagnostic radiologists who interpret spine MRI studies
and would like to gain a better understanding of the associated clinical

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