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Surfactants Applications Directory

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1991. Buch. xv, 399 S. Bibliographien. Hardcover

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Existing surfactants directories tend to focus on product identification by tradename, producer or chemical type, enabling the user only to identify product equivalents and surfactant suppliers. Application information, where available, is usually scant or given as a footnote. This new directory approaches the identification of surfactants primarily from the applications standpoint. Hence the formulator or end-user can readily assess the products available for use in a particular industry sector and select materials giving the required surface active properties. For example, a formulator of agrochemicals for crop protection can turn to the section which refers to surfactants for use in the agrochemical industry and then easily identify a wetter/dispersant system for the production of water­ dispersible granules. Information is presented in an alternative format in the second part of the directory, which will help the user to identify swiftly products for a particular application by surface active properties. It is difficult, if not impossible, to identify an industry which does not directly or indirectly utilise surfactants. Therefore it has proved necessary to simplify industry classifications to encompass a variety of uses under broader sector titles. The industry classifications adopted here have been used in many previous publications and papers, and define as accurately as possible the major industries and applications serviced by the surfactant industry. The editors have been particularly pleased with the support and response of the industry in the supply of data.


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