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Kaplan / Dinar

Boundary Layer Structure

Modeling and Application to Air Pollution and Wind Energy

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Reprinted from BOUNDARY LAYER METEOROLOGY, 30:1-4 1984. Buch. xvi, 483 S. Bibliographien. Hardcover

Springer. ISBN 9789027718778

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In this volume, we present the lectures given during the 1984 OHOLO Conference, held in Zichron Yaacov, Israel. The Conference was organized by the Israel Institute for Biological Research, Department of Mathematics, which is involved in Environmental Risk Evaluation, and in Projects Estimating the Potential of Wind Energy. The lectures cover a broad spectrum of mathematical models, ranging from those that deal with the solution of atmospheric conservation equations, and to those models that yield empirical estimates based on real time measure­ ments and thus are unique to the locale where measured. The goal of the Conference was to allow scientists from various countries to meet and discuss topics of mutual interest, including the following: 1. Structure of the boundary layer - primarily models dealing in the understanding of the various processes of atmospheric energy transfer, and their influence on the size and composition of the boundary 1 ayer. 2. Advanced mathematical techniques for describing flow and diffusion - lectures on approximations and techniques for solving the diffu­ sion and transport equations. 3. Flow over complex terrain - research into various aspects of the problem - mathematical models, physical models, experimental results. 4. Models of pollution transport and deposition.


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