Kambayashi / Lee / Lim / Mohania / Masunaga

Advances in Database Technologies

ER '98 Workshops on Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Mobile Data Access, and Collaborative Work Support and Spatio-Temporal Data Management, Singapore, November 19-20, 1998, Proceedings
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Advances in Database Technologies(ADT) is a workshopseries designed to p- mote interaction and discussion among researchers and practitioners in speci?c topics related to advanced data modeling and database technologies. The ?rst ADT workshop was held in conjunction with the 17th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER’98) in Singapore. It consisted of three small wo- shops,i.e.,the“InternationalWorkshoponDataWarehousingandDataMining” organized by Prof. Sham Navathe and Dr. Mukesh Mohania, the “International Workshop on Mobile Data Access” organized by Prof. Dik Lun Lee, and the “InternationalWorkshopon New DatabaseTechnologiesfor CollaborativeWork Support and Spatio-TemporalData Management” organizedby Prof.Yoshifumi Masunaga. These three small workshops were held simultaneously on 19 and 20 November, and the papers were jointly published in this ADT’98 proceedings. Wewouldliketo thankProf.ShamNavathe,Dr. MukeshMohania,Prof.Dik Lun Lee, Prof. Yoshifumi Masunaga and their program committees for wo- ing together to insure an excellent workshop program. The program co-chair of ER’98 Prof. Tok Wang Ling and his organizing committee members gave o- standing support to the workshops with the local arrangements, registration, publicity, and the preparationof the proceedings. Our special thanks go to Prof.



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