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Justice and Conflicts

Theoretical and Empirical Contributions
2011. Buch. xx, 452 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 978-3-642-19034-6
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Central to the book are questions concerning the existence and the characteristics of justice motives, and concerning the influence that justice motives and justice judgements have on the emergence, but also the solution of social conflicts. Five main themes will be addressed: (1) “Introduction and justice motive”, (2) “organizational justice”, (3) “ecological justice”, (4) “social conflicts”, and (5) “solution of conflicts”. The authors of the editions are scholars of psychology, as well as distinguished experts from various other disciplines, including sociologists, economists, legal scholar, educationalists, and ethicists. The common ground of all contributors is their independent conduction of empirical research on justice issues. Apart from the German contributors, authors represent scholars from the US, India, Korea, New Zealand, and various European countries (Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, UK, Sweden).
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An interdisciplinary approach to justice research is offered Justice research is discussed in the light of conflict resolution  Although all chapters follow a different approach to the subject, they, nevertheless, share the same structure which facilitates the readability of the book
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