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Born to Kill in the USSR - True Stories of Soviet Serial Killers

2014. Taschenbuch. ca. 408 S. Kartoniert / Broschiert
FRIESENPR ISBN 978-1-4602-2730-5
Format (B x L): 13,9 x 21,6 cm
Gewicht: 562 g
In englischer Sprache

An ex-actor poses as a gas company worker to enter homes without suspicion. When the doors are closed, he strikes with a camping ax. A love-scorned man hunts and eats women when a "magical force" tells him that drinking blood from a body cleanses the soul. Fifty-two people lie gunned down by the Ukrainian Terminator in a horrific six-month tour de force that wipes out entire families. The largest park in Moscow witnesses over sixty people slaughtered in a twisted game of chess. Born to Kill in the USSR is an unflinching portrait of the serial killers through the Soviet and Post-Soviet era. Forty-six men and women's unconscionable devolutions are documented against the political complexities and social reality of the largest country in the world.

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