Kallrath / Pardalos / Rebennack / Scheidt

Optimization in the Energy Industry

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Today, the optimization of production planning processes by means of IT and quantitative methods is a de-facto standard in the energy industry. Franch et al. inChapter1andIkenouyeinChapter2giveanintroduction,overview,and reasonsforthis. Furthermore,theenergyproblemnowisnotonlyachallenging one but also one of the most important issues in the world from the political and economical points of view. In every country, the government is faced with the problem of how to adopt the system of ‘Cap and Trade. ’ Especially energy consuming industries, such as steel, power, oil and chemicals, are seriously confronted with this problem. VIII Preface This is also the reason why the German Operations Research Society (GOR) and one of its working groups, held a symposium with the title “Stochastic Optimization in the Energy Industry. ” During the 78th meeting of the GOR working group “Praxis der Mathematischen Optimierung/Real World Optimization” in Aachen at Procom GmbH on April 21/22, 2007, the speakers with an application background explained their requirements for stochasticoptimizationsolutionsbasedonpracticalexperiences. Thespeakers from the research side and the software system suppliers examined di?erent aspects of the whole subject – from the integration of wind energy, the chain of errors in nuclear power plants and the scheduling of hydroelectric power stations, and the risk assessment in trading activities to the various software systems which support stochastic optimization methods. The symposium o?ered an interesting overview which re?ected the - quirements, possibilities and restrictions of “Stochastic Optimization in the Energy Industry.
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Provides a broad introduction into the field of energy production and trading by discussion about 20 real world cases Besides the overview the reader learns about mathematical optimization methods used to solve these problems