Kaiser / Lambert / Hohenstein

Lernerfolg steigern

Metakognitiv fundiertes Lernen in der Grundbildung
2015. Buch. 195 S. Softcover
W. Bertelsmann ISBN 978-3-7639-5528-2
Format (B x L): 14,8 x 21 cm
Gewicht: 323 g
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In their book, the authors develop New Didactics focusing on educational work based on meta cognitive processes. This approach ensures that students can learn fundamental competences for autonomously dealing with complex information and problems.

New Didactics have been repeatedly tested in adult education, most recently within the scope of a basic education course for low-skilled workers. This target group confirms once again that New Didactics promotes comprehensive self-learning competences and breaks down learning blockades. Particularly high learning successes and performance increases were achieved by participants with a national school certificate or graduates of special needs schools. These effects were empirically proven as part of the accompanying academic study project mekoFUN by evaluating quantitative and qualitative data.
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