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Science and Scientists

Essays by Biochemists, Biologists and Chemists
1982. Buch. 469 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 9789027713575
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In this volume are collected essays contributed by biochemists, biologists and chemists from all over the world who are prominent in their respective domains. The themes dealt with in these essays are related to different aspects of today's respective sciences including reminiscence into the past, problems we are facing today and the outlook for the future. This collection itself will undoubtedly provide a source of enlightenment not only for accomplished researchers but also to those young students who are about to embark upon their research activities. Originally, this project was initiated to commemorate the 70th birthday of Dr. F. Egami, who headed the laboratories to which all of the members of this Editorial Committee once belonged, and the essays contributed by his friends and associates were forged into this one volume. It is expected that this publication will receive widespread scholastic attention because of its instructive substance covering diver­ sified areas of science. Editorial Committee Contents Preface. v Contributors. Xl. The Long Journey. M. CALVIN 1 Adventures in Coordination Chemistry. M.T. BECK 9 The Role of Clay Minerals in Prebiotics Protein Synthesis. C. PONNAMPERUMA,. E. FRIEBELE, and A. SHIMOY AMA 15 HCN as a Possible Precursor of the Amino Acids in Lunar Samples. S. YUASA and]. OR6 31 A Model for Protocellular Coordination of Nucleic Acid and Protein Syntheses. S.W. Fox 39 Evolution of Uphill Electron Transfer in Photosynthesis. A.A. KRASNOVSKY. 47.



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