Semantics of Genitive Objects in Russian

A Study of Genitive of Negation and Intensional Genitive Case
2014. Buch. xviii, 186 S.: Bibliographien. Softcover
Springer ISBN 9789401781954
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The genitive/accusative opposition in Slavic languages is a decades-old linguistic conundrum. Shedding new light on this perplexing object-case alternation in Russian, this volume analyzes two variants of genitive objects that alternate with accusative complements—the genitive of negation and the intensional genitive. The author contends that these variants are manifestations of the same phenomenon, and thus require an integrated analysis. Further, that the choice of case is sensitive to factors that fuse semantics and pragmatics, and that the genitive case is assigned to objects denoting properties at the same time as they lack commitment to existence.

Kagan’s subtle analysis accounts for the complex relations between case-marking and other properties, such as definiteness, specificity, number and aspect. It also reveals a correlation between the genitive case and the subjunctive mood, and relates her overarching subject matter to other instances of differential object-marking.



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Sheds new light on the genitive/accusative opposition phenomenon in Russian, an object case alternation that has long puzzled linguists Provides a new semantic analysis of genitive objects Reveals a semantic parallel between genitive Case and subjunctive mood Relates genitive objects in Russian to other instances of differential object marking Explains the relation between case and specificity, definiteness, scope, number and aspect